About Me

So...After seeing a couple of friends jump on the blog express, I decided to hop on as well (but didn't this train leave the station in like '04?!) Anyway in '04 after graduating from college I was without a job and kinda taking it easy for a couple of months.  I needed a backup plan on what to do if life in the corporate world didn't pan I took a two week real estate course and got my license; saying to people, "this is what I am doing till I get a "real" job."

I am still in my fake job and enjoying it MOST of the time.

So when thinking about what to write about, the thing people want to know most about me when I talk to them, is about real estate and flipping houses (since all the awesome flipping shows have bit the dust)

SO b/c there is a lack of reality flipping shows, and I cannot afford a film crew, this little blog will have to do.

This will hopefully be a lot of how to, but unfortunately probably a lot of how NOT to.

So all this being said I will attempt to entertain you as much as flipping can be entertaining!