Sunday, March 7, 2010

Setting off your flip or home.... a Real Estate agent...I get the pleasure of showing many homes, and hearing what wows buyers and what turns them off.  I want my new target market for my flips to be first time home buyers in their 20's (how will I know what they like?) thing that I know I like is tech stuff, modern design, and traditional homes....ok so some may think the other two don't really go together, but we will cover that another day.

So the tech part, being a PC user turned, into everything Mac person (although I still use a 5 year old Dell Inspiron laptop with broken speakers) I own an iPhone.  So every time the new app commercial comes out I have to stop speeding through the DVR, back it up, and watch.  The other day when I saw the app commercial with the Schlage Security Link app, controlling interior lights, I immediately researched and found out you had to pay a monthly subscription for it.....I was saddened....but then I saw another commercial not Mac related that had the same feature....I did more research and found a system that had no monthly fees and you can control the whole home (security system, HVAC, and ALL LIGHTS!!).
So this brings me to the reason for this post.  If you were deciding between two homes...around the same price, and one had the ability to control the home from your iPhone (or  iPod Touch which is included in the sale of the home) which would you choose....hopefully the tech home.  Now down to the price....almost all switches are dimmers, so not only can the light be turned on and off through your smartphone but you can control the brightness...ok price for an entire 1500 sqft home all dimmers, hvac control, and base station come to UNDER $1000!!  Other features are creating lighting scenes and controlling the temperature of your home, even has security camera capabilities (security camera add-on).

So, if you could sell your home a month or two sooner than expected you have actually paid for the system and a little bit extra based on a home worth $200, B/c that is two months less of interest you have to pay...and if you are stuck with the home even after installing, at least you have a cool new gadget to play with while you wait for it to sell!!

So moral for different in a GOOD way to home pays off in the end!

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