Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Termites...Water...Mold....ohh my.....a word on Inspections.. there will not be any (cool or uncool) photos to go along with this post, well maybe...  Inspections in general send a chill down my spine.  Whether it is with the city/county for building inspections or home inspections when you are selling a house.  They are make or break the sale or budget no matter what kind it is.

A couple of days ago we got the inspection report back on the Springview house; the house we dropped $150k and then accepted an offer $90k lower than that!  Lets just say I may have wanted to vomit after seeing the report, and what the sellers wanted done.  They either wanted everything they asked for fixed....or $20k off the already reduced did I feel slightly responsible for everything on the being the contractor and all.  All I kept thinking was....the offer is going to fall through and we are going to have to try and sell this stupid house again, and I am going to have to fix all the work (mainly being in the crawl space...the horrible bowels of the home).

This brings me to why I was writing this....what was the reason?  Ohhh perfect as you may think a house isn't.  Sometimes it pays to get a PRE-home inspection so you can figure out and fix any glaring defects with the property.  While this may not have saved us any money in the long run...having an inspection report for potential buyers, makes them feel more at ease with the house; and will more than certainly make for an easier and faster closing.

So this brings me to the beginning of the end (without pictures).  Our inspection report came as a surprise to us, it found "moisture" in the crawlspace, termite damage to some of the floor joists, and MOLD!!!  Granted, all of this was unknown to us (and completely fixable), someone should of told us right?!  Well now it doesn't matter.  We countered our counter with $15k off of our contract price and it has been accepted....hallelujah... Springview is closing on April 7th; and this means that we can MAYBE get Porter...will keep y'all updated...all one of you...yes Tyler since you are the only one following it comes down to you.

Moral of the story, while simple and short, get a home inspection as a buyer; and it pays to have one as a seller (as I am finding out).  My experience has never been bad after an inspection...but it is one of those unknowns that always makes me hold my breathe until the final report comes in.....

 Only our fair godmother can keep us safe from inspections!!

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