Sunday, March 7, 2010

Traditional vs Modern...or is it Traditional and Modern? Carrara Marble Edition and I went to a tile shop recently to find tiles for the rehab house we have not yet acquired...and I kinda fell in love with carrara marble, as tiles, counters, and especially the basket weave.  After showing houses to my friends Cip and Jackie in search of their first home...we saw a bath with similar cheaper porcelain basket weave.  After seeing the carrara and chinchilla marble I have found my new favorite natural stone.  I am sorry to admit that the only reason I knew what chinchilla marble was, is because I watch Nip/Tuck...but I digress.  So back to the debate. While at the tile shop I saw a display similar to this: 

The sales lady and I got into a slight debate as to whether this was considered modern or being the one saying that it was both...her saying that it was only classic....little did she know.  So I decided that this will be the tile for the half bath...unless she can get me a great price; where as this will be the tile for the master bath as well.  After searching the amazing internet and google I found a picture that is pretty much exactly what I want do do with the half bath.

So is the mix between classic and modern really attainable?  I believe it is...and I think that carrara is where its AT!!  I will soon put up a post of a lot of my tile ideas and what I would like to do in the extra bath and master if I cannot afford to put the carrara in the master.  I think that if you want a timeless look with a modern twist...mix in that has been around since the ancient Romans....they seemed to be pretty classy.

So in honor of this beautiful natural stone I have found quite a few pictures that show how timeless and modern it can be.  It is the perfect way to mix a little old world class with some modern clean lines. Also imagine that beautiful marble paired with a vanity like this (vanities are the furniture of the bathroom and will soon have its own post):

And now for more pictures...b/c its more fun to look at pictures than it is to read:


Soo...when remodeling your kitchen or bath...if budget allows...carrara is the timeless classic that should be considered, if not used.  Remember what sets you apart makes you sell...

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